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Play fantasy sports online every day for fun and money! We will give you the ultimate sports entertainment experience. More than a million Indians play fantasy sports every year during IPL and other league matches for fun and to earn real cash.

We offer the best fantasy sports game where you can play virtually 24×7. You can pick your team line-up at any time of the day even when no real fixtures are playing. We have the most advanced statistics and figures available of any online fantasy sport that enable our participants to be well-informed.

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Fantasy Sports Betting

Fantasy sports are online prediction games where you will set a virtual team of real players of any particular match. And, then based on the real statistics of the match, you will earn points. The better your players from the team perform in a real match, the higher will be your fantasy points.

You will play against other teams. This game is often played through the mobile app where participants assemble the imaginary or virtual teams. The fantasy sports are applicable to all the games such as hockey, football, cricket, tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball, and more.

Fantasy sports are skill-based games that allow participants to use their strategy, insight, and research to build their team and challenge other participants. The participants may compete with their family or friends or with other players nationwide.

How to play?

join fantasy sports

Join a game

Choose a game from the lobby by the match day, contest type, and entry fee.

fantasy sports team

Pick your team/players

Build a lineup of the best team players. There will be no player prohibitions so you can have anyone in your team.

Watch and win

Now, it’s time to watch the game unfold in real-time as you are playing for the real cash prizes.

We provide in-depth analysis and information to help our users pick their team for the upcoming matches. You may rely on our fantasy dream team analysis to pick the best players.

Rules of gambling online

  • How many teams can one have? Each person is allowed to choose a maximum of ten teams for the upcoming contest. This further boosts their chances of finishing at the top of the leaderboard of that team. While one may join as many contests as they wish throughout the season.
  • Can I play with family and friends? Yes, you can invite your family and friends to go head-in-head against you with the winner having more than just the bragging rights over others. In this game, you will be required to create a contest and can play virtually.